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Did anyone else catch that politically charged little segment on Denmark, in 20/20 report on "Happiness" (Whatever that is... *b-because it's relative? g-get it? get- aww nevermind.*) the other night?
Well turns out Denmark, besides having plenty of buzz words "FREE HEALTH CARE!!!" "DEMOCRATIC LIBERAL GOVERNMENT!!" etc.
also has some of the world's highest tax rates and some of the highest rates of SUICIDE among teens, (as well as in the world on a per country basis coming in third after Lithuania and Belarus. ) But hey don't take it from me, listen to a man who's been living there for 20 years, and according to him, things ain't so grand.
"In the name of heavens and earth
It is the biggest lie to say Denmark is happiest country, what are you after by such a big lie?
This is my opinion to "Denmark named happiest place, but where is U.S.". CNN's link Denmark... BBC's link Denmark 'happiest place on earth'
Maybe English people do not know anything about happiness themselves, and it is why they call Denmark happiest country. (However, I cannot say so about English people because I know it is wrong to say.) So, what are you after by such big lie and calling Denmark happiest country?
I have lived here in Denmark in last 20 years and I saw no real happiness in Denmark. Up to 5 or 10 years ago Denmark was of those countries whom had highest rate of teenage suicides in world. About 450.000 people are officially registered as patients whom are being beside mental sickness out of 5 million population or in other words from every 10 Danish one is beside psychic problems, What a happy people! Happiness for many Danish people is either taking "happy tablet, cypramid and so", getting laid or getting drank. Most of old people complain why their children does not visit them more than once a year. And in that once a year which is Christmas, their happiness is no more than over eating and drinking and call it happy time. Have you ever seen children whom had happy childhood. Such happy childhood people never cut their contact with their parents simply because their miss their parents in their heart. Because seeing their parents make them happy. So if Danish people had not happy time at their parents or with their children what have you found in Denmark to name it happiest country.
Is it Danish social welfare that has got you to come with such big lies about happiness of Denmark? Is it because you like to have same welfare system in USA and because of that you come with such lies? Have you ever thought maybe these people are so cold hearted that without a good state health security things will be much uglier than any other country. Don't you think instead of making lies about happiness of Denmark you could write about real need of your society for better health care. Do you know some Danish people call their welfare salary "shut up money". And about their health care, "They say we keep with public hospitals as long as we are healthy enough to over come its damage."
Individual freedom in Denmark is as low as people's stress and feelings of insecurity of remaining out of social groups is very visible in some. In other words people do not dare live on their own in this fucking country because they get abused without others support. They must have some to support them where they live, where they work or where they study. And surly abuser groups have fun on expense of others, it is why people fear of remaining out of groups. Maybe the English guy have become found of Danish abusers fun to write such a lie about Denmark being happiest country. Does problem solve by joining groups, no. Abuse is right of the group but they become little more genteel in their abuse. What group demand of its members? Group demand of its members to cooperate in jump on whomever is against group abuse, innocent or not is not the question. The more cold blooded in destroying others earn himself a higher place in group.
Here in Denmark, people learn Persian to mop me. Nearly a nation of 5 million people learn a Persian to mop one person by their radio and TV. If it is not sick (maybe it is what you call happiness). Since when psycho sick people get known and named as happiest people that you name Denmark happiest country?
A normal happy human, a normal satisfy human does not like to see others in suffer. It is while here in Denmark Danish people forget their own problems, sadness's and not being satisfy, by finding me as their national victim. Like Gladiators of roman or Runner man movie of Arnold my torture has brought feeling of unity for Denmark. Have you ever hit any boxing bag to get yourself free of your anger? I am that boxing bag of mobbing for many Danish people here in Denmark. My question is, How come you call boxing bag needed people to get anger relive, happiest people of the world?
My torture has cost world about 500.000 death, many ten millions homeless, and some 100 billion $ in damage expense. (Surly it was not cheap for world entertaining Danish people and make them the happiest people.) Maybe killer beasts are the most happiest people, therefore this English guy named Denmark happiest country. GOD knows how many more million people must die to keep Denmark happy. If happy people are so killer beasts, it is a good news to hear people in rest of world are not so happy and by that are not so killer beasts either.
Once in Denmark Danish royal family has got mentioned as not important but harmless family. That time even there was talk about independency of Greenland and Ferrørne. But now, when a Danish prince marry a Asian girl, Denmark must become king of Japan and Asia. When they marry a Australian girl, Denmark must become king of Australia and when they marry a French girl, Denmark must become king of France. These shit has cost me night and days of torture and the world 500.000 death and millions of homeless. Maybe the harmless family of 80th was no more than building a false trust at me for later abuse. Maybe you betrayer English guy are as well to making the same false trust in world by hiding the beast in skin of happiest lam of world. And of course the easy conjurer kings become popular and their popularity bring unity and happiness in nation. If USA use billions of dollars in war and military to concur Iraq or Afghanistan, Danish prince just get girl and by that take over that country by become their king. Whom can be more clever than such kings, our kings! Is it this that has got you to name Denmark as happiest country.
Just in last week only 80 people died of heat here in your own Europe, and 80 in USA, how dare you call this fucking Denmark happiest country? These beasts are killer beasts, and you call them world happiest people, shame on people like you who show beasts as happiness angels and victims as ugly beasts.
Ta Seyed Mohammad Ali Mearaji
28 July 2006 "

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