Friday, January 18, 2008

A complicated poem

that you shouldn't read.
(parts of this will not make sense. they didn't to me.)

So the time bomb ticks over our heads
A heart throbbing, choking back emotion, as time sleeps
and we move silently through this landscape
transcending motion, surpassing logic
and entering the realm of the unknown
the realm of beauty, love, and freedom.
This way we die
and become new again.
aging endlessly
blooming eternally
silently weeping
bursting in tumbling laughter
impatiently seeking the answers
to define
the one within.

we are impatient
our expectations are the time bomb yet to happen yet we are impatiently anticipating so it ticks
the heart throbbing, and the chocking back emotion, goes along with the saying heart in my throat, wherein someone is particularly emotional, Again emphasizing the value and emotion we place on our futures and expectation
yet again, we are impatient and we feel as is time sleeps, it cannot go fast enough
but I observe the landscape we cross to get to where we want to go
It transcends motion, because it is not an action motion which will get us there but a series of processes and action which become one motion, therefore transcending the over simplified notion of motion, which is often viewed as one swift movement.
surpassing logic, because one would think that one step would lead to another and so on, but high school is quite different, a lot of detours, which may or may not be directly related to your destiny are in place and must be taken so in a tongue in cheek manner, this surpasses logic and in a more metaphorical may, there is no logical way to plan out life, one can plan but there is no guarantee things will turn out in this way.
and entering the realm of the unknown
through this we realize we are not yet ready for the future for we are strangers in these unknown realms,
of beauty, love and freedom.
The beauty of life, knowledge, the love of family, for another, friends, knowledge and again life, the freedom and the responsibility that come with it ect. unknown realms to a teen encountering them on their own for the first time.
this way we die
That is to say, that these are test that can either make or break you, test which define you and which ever way you choose is more than likely the way you will choose till the day you die
and become new again
so in these ways we also learn news things perhaps not right away but sometimes we become new in learning these things
againg endlessly
that is to say learning endlessly, growing, blooming, endlessly throughout life. these thing will allow us to grow.
silently weeping
silently and with strength over comming and dealing with our struggles along the way
bursting in tumbling laughter
I wanted to use the word bursting because it seemed a little forcefully yet a little more "felt" than just laughing
because even though one may be sad or in this case silently weeping which may also indicate sadness on the inside and a smile on the outside type of archetypal image, one also has to laugh even though it may be forceful, but laugh none the less to enjoy life.
impatiently seeking the answers
so through this whole process what we are really doing is not merely reaching our destiny it's also asking, and answering question to find out who we are and as a result define
the one within
not the daughter, not the student, not the mother etc.
but the INDIVIDUAL. the WOMAN the MAN the HUMAN inside of all of us, what are our values, what are our ideals, what are our dreams? That is who we are, and again, this process is one to find the answer to these and embrace and protect these.

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