Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a day without the letter, "C"

and without the the letter that looks like an upside down A, and the spare bar because the shitty keyboard I'm using doesn't have those letters or at least they don't react when you press down on them. I hae moila firefo and I could and probably will go bark and change it so that it has the 's and the 's and 's and spaes but then again, maybe I won't it''s kind of interesting lathing how dramaitially different my typing is when I don't hae these three little letter and an enter key. Today I will not hae paragraphs either beauswe I'm an only go down another line when I hae the enter key and I don't so whateer I'll be onent with what I hae right now and not omplain any. KIrkland it looks like I hae all these mistakes going but I don't I just hae these silly keys missing, I swear I would gie it the spell hek but work with me, bear with me, and I will hae it all bak in order by tomorrow I promise, don't miss out on antying either it's not like it's a big deal or anything just, writting to say that today we ouldn't go to shool and that we might as well be withdrawed beause we're leaing for utah as it is. Yeah I ould hange it but I won't or at least I don't feel like I hae to.Take to you tomorrow.

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