Friday, November 30, 2007


why, hello there.

Today was a rainy miserable day, with an overcast sky and a slight chill in the air. My hair, sensitive to humidity was frizzy as always. There was a pep rally at school today, for what, I dunno they did not say, only the usual parade of jocks, cheerleaders, and the rest of the ruling minority. The school simply doing their part to uphold the status quo.
"It's more than just a pep rally!"
Whatever, I have to work today anyway.
My new digital camera just came in! it's an HP Photosmart E337 works just great!!
I give this little camera a 10 :D!
HERE are some of the pics I just took a video of my dog n'joy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

John stossel | it's gotta be the stash.

the man knows what he's doing, and he's doing it right. Happy turkey day to you and John Stossel.!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

christmas on my mind

what? Christmas? it's barely Nov. 4th! but yes, Christmas in on the ol' brain.
I already know what I'm getting myself
Coach bag
laptop and printer
digital camera

I'm getting my sister a coach bag and digital a camera
I'm getting my dad the usual, socks, shoes, and something unusual, a chess set. He's wanted one since I lost the pieces to his old one, when I was little.
I'm not sure what to get my mom though....
she's the hardest to please out of the bunch. Meh, I'll get her a gift card to for a Clark's shoe store, and some "real" jewelry from Swarovsky.

lol, it's nice to watch your money spiral down the drain so quickly, but even better watching people you love receive those tokens of you appreciation.
And they say we're not a materialistic society, ha!

Friday, November 2, 2007

some days life just sucks

Today is just one of those days
where everything sucks
and you really give a fnck which is why you're so down, if you didn't give a fnck, when fnck it? Why would it be such a bad day? Afterall you don't really give a fnck.
Anyways today was one of those days.
I began the day by waking up to a twilight zone-ish type of stupor, the kind that makes you say, "Huh?"
Then glanced at my clock to discover I had exactly 2 minutes to "get ready" for school and like 8 minutes to actually get there...on time.
Needless to say neither of these things happened, but rather a disasterouse combination of both.
I sorta got ready by throwing my hair in a pony tail, grabbing the nearest pair of jeans and t-shirt, slipping on some slip on shoes, slapping on some eyeliner and eyeshadow and running out the door without bothering to tell my mom I need a key to get in the house later on today.
I walk normally to school, and arrived about 10 minutes late for my first hour economics class. Akwardly I pretened the dozens of eyes looking at me were invisible and made my way to my squeaky seat in the second row, where I sat alone. Even better.
Up to this point I was still not aware I was having a bad day.
I then stayed made my way to study hall where I read the prolouge and some of chapter one of the invisible man for english class...funny how my english class calander says I'm souposed to be on chapeter 9, and I have 4 unfinnished assigments yet to turn in on those chapter, not to mention a essay exam on poems on monday. These things swirled around my head, vauge ghosts of worry. The story is actually quite good and I did not seem to realize the time crunch I was experiencing. Again, obliviouse to the bad, horrible, not good day I was about to experience some more.
Then as second hour finished I noticed a pep rally about to begin in the court yard. A hot, stinky, sweaty, noisy, disorienting, pep rally for a football team that looses every other game.
Pass. I made my way out the school, but not before bumping into Taylor a fellow debater from debate club who pleasantly reminded me of the impending debate this afternoon. I pleasantly informed her that I would be unable to go, to which she informed me I should tell ms. she devil- er- zuiker, that I was unable to go.
Though not aloud, I said, "Hmmm sounds good, but, Fnck that" and bid her farewell.
Yet I could already feel the beginning of a horrible no good very sh!ty day about to develop.
Then I left through the front doors of the school no less and made the Argus 10 Mile walk home, jk it's more like 10 minutes.
Upon arriving i find myself locked and my dog dying to see me.
at which point i flag down a maintenance guy and ask him to help me out.