Sunday, November 4, 2007

christmas on my mind

what? Christmas? it's barely Nov. 4th! but yes, Christmas in on the ol' brain.
I already know what I'm getting myself
Coach bag
laptop and printer
digital camera

I'm getting my sister a coach bag and digital a camera
I'm getting my dad the usual, socks, shoes, and something unusual, a chess set. He's wanted one since I lost the pieces to his old one, when I was little.
I'm not sure what to get my mom though....
she's the hardest to please out of the bunch. Meh, I'll get her a gift card to for a Clark's shoe store, and some "real" jewelry from Swarovsky.

lol, it's nice to watch your money spiral down the drain so quickly, but even better watching people you love receive those tokens of you appreciation.
And they say we're not a materialistic society, ha!

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