Friday, November 2, 2007

some days life just sucks

Today is just one of those days
where everything sucks
and you really give a fnck which is why you're so down, if you didn't give a fnck, when fnck it? Why would it be such a bad day? Afterall you don't really give a fnck.
Anyways today was one of those days.
I began the day by waking up to a twilight zone-ish type of stupor, the kind that makes you say, "Huh?"
Then glanced at my clock to discover I had exactly 2 minutes to "get ready" for school and like 8 minutes to actually get there...on time.
Needless to say neither of these things happened, but rather a disasterouse combination of both.
I sorta got ready by throwing my hair in a pony tail, grabbing the nearest pair of jeans and t-shirt, slipping on some slip on shoes, slapping on some eyeliner and eyeshadow and running out the door without bothering to tell my mom I need a key to get in the house later on today.
I walk normally to school, and arrived about 10 minutes late for my first hour economics class. Akwardly I pretened the dozens of eyes looking at me were invisible and made my way to my squeaky seat in the second row, where I sat alone. Even better.
Up to this point I was still not aware I was having a bad day.
I then stayed made my way to study hall where I read the prolouge and some of chapter one of the invisible man for english class...funny how my english class calander says I'm souposed to be on chapeter 9, and I have 4 unfinnished assigments yet to turn in on those chapter, not to mention a essay exam on poems on monday. These things swirled around my head, vauge ghosts of worry. The story is actually quite good and I did not seem to realize the time crunch I was experiencing. Again, obliviouse to the bad, horrible, not good day I was about to experience some more.
Then as second hour finished I noticed a pep rally about to begin in the court yard. A hot, stinky, sweaty, noisy, disorienting, pep rally for a football team that looses every other game.
Pass. I made my way out the school, but not before bumping into Taylor a fellow debater from debate club who pleasantly reminded me of the impending debate this afternoon. I pleasantly informed her that I would be unable to go, to which she informed me I should tell ms. she devil- er- zuiker, that I was unable to go.
Though not aloud, I said, "Hmmm sounds good, but, Fnck that" and bid her farewell.
Yet I could already feel the beginning of a horrible no good very sh!ty day about to develop.
Then I left through the front doors of the school no less and made the Argus 10 Mile walk home, jk it's more like 10 minutes.
Upon arriving i find myself locked and my dog dying to see me.
at which point i flag down a maintenance guy and ask him to help me out.

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