Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Puppy mills suck

please, don't buy puppies from store. The likely hood that they may come from a puppy mill is too great a risk to put on the line, especially for the lives of the dogs who are suffering at the hands of these breeders at these so called, "puppy mills" where These intelligent loving animals are left to rot away in cages, neglected, and succumbing to mental illness due to lack of stimulation. This is animal cruelty, in the least, if not slow, painful, and inhumane murder.
Too many pet stores purchase dogs from these puppy mills; the puppies which are not sold, are then sold back to the puppy mills in order to breed more puppies, allowing the torturous cycle to begin once again. Even if you do purchase a puppy from a pet store, you are still keeping these puppy mills in business. Please, don't support puppy mills, and adopt a dog from your local animal shelter, these dogs need you, and organizations which house them. please, "be the change you wish to see."

paste this onto your blog, myspace, facebook, email signature or print it out and put it on your school notes books, folder, back of your car, on your checks or tattoo it onto your arm, whatever. Just do something.
I know I personally am not doing enough but posting this is a first step to many.
Anyone who knows me and is considering getting a dog will hear this story from me and I hope you will do the same.
If many people do something small it can become something great. It is not your responsibility to fix the problem, but it IS your responsibility to contribute to the solution, (whether in a small or big way,) if you don't you are simply part of the problem.
please visit or for more information.
Others need our help also. To the right is a list of links to organizations which need your support. (My favorite is volunteer match)
Any help, even small makes a difference, because every action has a reaction.

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