Monday, December 17, 2007

biological clock

my clock is out of wack. I came home a little peeved and fell asleep for about 3-4 hours from 6-10ish or around there, and I coulnd't get back to sleep since.
I found my way to the kitchen where I heated up two taco bell tacos, and drank some soda, and water with ice, while reading a book on famous quotes. Yes, I am eccentric.
I stomped back to bed where I tossed and turned for awhile, day-dreaming, at night, of having a heart shaped pool, with a heart shaped jacuzzi to go all the way around it, and an aquarium of tropical fish inside the pool, posing as the sides of the pool. Again, I'm pretty "interesting."
I also planned out what I "should" do tomorrow, as opposed to what I will actually do.
I should wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning, load up the laundry, do yoga for 30 min., go for a jog for about 30 min., come back and walk my dog for some 30 min., make myself a fruit smoothie for breakfast, Get ready for school, and leave.
What I will do is hit the snooze five times, roll out of bed, heat up two more taco bell tacos, take out my dog for roughly 15 min., comb my hair, and then leave. Probably forgetting something crucial like my shoes or something.
But hey, maybe I should give it a shot and not set myself up for failure, others will do that for me anyway.
Anyways, After an hour or two of unsuccessful tossing and turning I went into my study, also known as the bathroom, and read an entire issue of self magazine (which always inspires me to be a little healthier, which is probably why) I went through my vanity mirror's cabinet and took out all the hundreds of little bottles and jar's we've accumulated over the years and read the back labels, popped open the tops and smelled them, and even tried some on:
A foot lotion guaranteed to relieve itching, "cracked and scaly skin", (if your skin is scaly you probably need to see someone about that.) odor, and best of all "it's diabetic safe!!" it was also environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, recyclable, and 60% aloe. These must have been flying off of shelves.
an eye firming lotion for day and night use. gotta start young I guess.
an "age-defying" rejuvenating make-up remover *stings a little when applied, must be the age-defying effect taking hold.
I put on, and took off, pink, white, and red nail polish
But not even all these fumes put together made me sleepy.
Man we are a couple of losers. here I am writing to you about reading labels, and you're sitting here reading about it. Life sure is weird.

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