Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Résumé

Work Experience:
Water and Ice
Address: 81 S. McQueen Rd. 85233 Gilbert, AZ
Phone number: (480)507-4723
Position: Clerk, stocking, inventory, janitor, food handler, security, and server.
Duties: Closing the store for the night, locking all doors, counting out the money in the cash register, setting the alarm and locking the door after hours. During business hours I greeted, made and served food and beverages, and assisted customers. I also kept my work space clean and organized, stocked shelves, bagged ice, occasionally answered business calls, and trained new employees.
Certification: Food Handlers Permit
Skills: Operating a cash register, handling, counting, and accounting for large amounts of money, directional skills, listening skills, attention to detail as well as customer service, multitasking, bilingual abilities, (English/Spanish) and cleanliness.
Hours: 28 hours a week
Starting pay: $5.15
Last Pay: $5.15
Owner: Steve Tolboth
Duration: 6/3/06 to 9/25/06
Reason for leaving: Store went out of business.

Address: 2750 E. Germann Rd.
Phone number: (480) –812-2930
Position: Apparel associate
Duties: Organize clean and managing 8 of the apparel sections. The clothing was to be hung, folded and categorized according to size, color, price and brand. I also attended customers in the fitting rooms, both in person and on the phone. While at Wal-Mart, I passed all the random inspection standards.
Skills: Organization, cleanliness, multitasking, customer service, bilingual abilities (English/Spanish) responsibility, attention to detail, directional skills, listening skills, and phone skills.
Hours: 20 hours per week
Starting pay: $7.15
Last pay: $7.15
Supervisor: June Piposar
Duration: 10/1/06 to 12/31/06
Reason for leaving: Temporary/seasonal Position

Creative Consumer Research (CCR)
Addresses: 500 W. Broadway, Tempe Arizona
Phones: (480) 557-6666
Position: Surveyor
Duties: Approach shoppers at fiesta mall, or call people registered in the CCR data base to completing market research surveys, interviews, studies, and focus groups. Conducting surveys includes, accurately, honestly and neatly recording a respondent’s answers. At the end of each survey I was responsible for paying participants, sometimes as much as $50 in cash, for participating in our survey
In the phone room I made and answered calls to and from people in our data base. Their responses were either written, or typing into a computer.
Skills: Communication skills, bilingual (English/Spanish), listening skills, attention to details, marketing and sales skills, phone skills, customer service skills, organizational skills, handling and accounting for money, patience, friendly, typing skills, enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and computer knowledge.
Hours: 20 hour week
Starting pay: Hourly and commission, with a $10 per hour/commission
Last Pay: $12 average per hour/commission
Phone room supervisor: Barbara Thompson.
Duration: 2/11/07 to 8/5/07
Reason for leaving: Seeking new job opportunities

Academic background
Attended: Academy for Math Engineering and Science (AMES) in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Director: Al Church
Duration: 08/04 to 06/06
Grades: 9-10
Awards/ Achievements:
President and founder the AMES Academy volunteer club.
Blue Ribbon in 2006 public forum Debate tournament “Excellent Speaker”
AMES Academy Science fair participant
AMES Academy: Science advancement program award
AMES Academy science fair, honorable mention.
Salt Lake Valley Science Fair (SLVSF) Honorable Mention
Jane Goodall’s: Root’s and Shoots environmental award
American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) science award
AMES volunteers
AMES Bike club
Year Book
Public Forum Debate team
Science fair committee

Attended: Mesquite High School 500 S. McQueen Rd. 85233, Gilbert, Arizona.
Director: Mr. Marciano
Duration: 08/06 to Present
Up and Coming Voters Club
Tutoring Club
Fashion club
Speech and Debate Team
Volunteer experience:
Scottsdale Annual Arts Festival - Imagination center volunteer
Home Based Youth - “Rise N’ Dine” event volunteer.
American Cancer Association - Relay for Life
Muscular Dystrophy Association – Christmas Luncheon
Utah Aids Foundation – Christmas gift wrap
Save The Family – Made a scrapbook and birthday cards.
Boys and Girls Club of America – L.I.T. (Leader in Training).
Academy for Math Engineering and Science - Volunteer club president and founder.
Utah Children’s Center - Toy drive.
Nibley Park Elementary - Reading tutor.
Girls Scout of America - Christmas gift wrap.
Academy for Math Engineering and Science Multicultural Fair – Coordinator.

Extracurricular activities: Volunteering, biking, hiking, swimming, photography, scrap booking, reading, writing, participating in my church, and my school’s up and coming voters club, studying, looking for scholarships, and being with my family.

About myself: I.G. I’m 17 years, I moved to Arizona a little over a year ago from Salt Lake City Utah. While in Utah, I tutored kids at Nibley Park Elementary and became a member of, and L.I.T. (Leader in Training), the local Boys and Girls club. I also attended the Academy for Math Engineering and Science also known as AMES Academy; a charter school where I participated in the yearbook club and the bicycle club. I also directed and organized our school’s first annual multi-cultural fair. My sophomore year, I created the school’s first volunteer club. As president of the club it was my job to recruit and organize volunteers for various volunteer events which I scheduled with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Girl Scouts, the Utah Aids Foundation, and the Utah Children’s Center. Simultaneously, I was a part of my school’s public forum debate team, where I won a Blue Ribbon in public forum. Shortly afterward, I was won honorable mentions at both the local and state science fairs. I also received the American Society of Civil Engineers science award, Jane Goodall's: Roots and Shoots Environmental award, and Ames Academy Science Advancement Program award. Once in Arizona, I became a Wildcat at Mesquite High School in Gilbert, where I joined the speech and debate team once again, as well as the “Up and Coming Voters Club,” and maintained a 3.0 or B average. Since coming to Arizona I've volunteered with Home Based Youth’s “Rise and Dine” program, The American Cancer Society’s in the Relay for Life, the Annual Scottsdale Arts Festival, and a scrap-booking/card making project for Save the Family.
At school my curriculum is filled with Honors classes, the only exception being stock market and economics. I look forward to graduating from Mesquite High School this coming May, and going on to college in the fall.

now thats a Résumé

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