Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The art of failure

failing without meaning to fail is bad luck.
failing with a purpose is art.
the same goes with success.
My are will be revenge.

In july I signed up to take an honors test, I did so hoping to make it into an honor level english class. The test was available to any and all students wishing to be part of an Honors class, they must of course, first qualify. I took the test confidently and knew I would pass, and get into an honors class. The subject for which I took the test was english, my favorite subject in school, and one of the easiest for me.
Just as I had expected two days ago, my parents received a letter informing them that I had pass the honors test with a 92 and could now join the class if I wished. Since that was the only puspose of taking test, which again I stress- I passed- I decided to go ahead see my counselor in order to get sign up for the class.
I was excited and happy, feeling as if I had acheived something, getting into a prestigiouse and challenging class, I couldn't wait to see what advice my counselor for me.
"I strongly urge you not to take this class."
What had I heard wrong?
"It's an HONORS CLASS." my counselor mrs. cucio empasised with her eyes bulging. What a contrast from the smiling face that had wished me luck the day of the test.
Why had I taken the test, if even after I had passed it with a great score, they were doubtful of my abilities? What then, was the purpose of the test?
I also added that I would like to drop pre-calculus because I did not need it to graduate, or to get into community college, I did not need it at all, and I wasn't doing good in it.
Appearantly last year she had advised me not to take this course, strange because I hadn't even taken algebra II then, which is a pre-requiset course which I took upon myself to complete online over the summer, so how she guessed I would be taking pre-calc is beyond me. But anyhow she was "Not going to argue" with me.
Truthfully the whole time I felt kind of scared and a little- scratch that- a lot shocked, at her anger, her whole attitude towards me, saying things like, "If you fail this class I am not dropping it for you...even if you fail."
Why is she so certain I'm going to fail, I haven't even stepped foot in the class yet? I've never done badly in an english class my whole High School career and english is my favorite subject although the slow pace of it can be pretty dull at times. I need a challenge.
I got one today, and I'm going to finnish it.

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