Friday, August 10, 2007

First and last

First day of school came and when.
It's my last year of high school
and I'm anticipating the future.
Everything I wore on the first day was new right down to my undies. But truthfully the new things wont get many any Friends, the most they'll do is make me feel a little more confident because I feel good about my stuff, look good, and may therefore make me feel more positive. But really it's an attitude thing. I could walk into school with rags on, which admittedly would make me feel a little more self conscious, but that should not interfere with my enthusiasm for learning.
And that concept is what's really motivating me to get through this final year of high school.
I have all my credits in order. In order for me to graduate I only have to take a semester of English, and a year of social studies, but I have not only met those two but I am also taking, A.P. Ecology, Stock Market Economics, Pre-Calculus, IV SR Comp (soon to be Honors English) and A.P. Psychology.
graduating with 23.50 credits instead of 21.00. Nice. Not to mention two of those credits also count as college credit as well, that is assuming I pass test, and yes, of course I will.
I'm aiming for valedictorian this year, trying not to miss a sing day of class in order to be eligible for a drawing at the end of the year, and aiming to pass all my classes.

My game plan
homework done before due date
review everyday to stay fresh
sleep earlier to get more sleep and have more energy to go to school
no work to focus souly on school
be optimistic
be curious
and be clever!

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