Saturday, September 22, 2007

The days have been dragging by likewise, I have been dragging my own self along as well.
the new and improved is no more and I only work to be done
I only wake to sleep again.
everyday is another day.
another day in the life of, "me"
sometimes I wonder if everything I see, read, hear, smell, taste, feel, experience was meant to be. This was meant to be my life. Things I have no control over and things I do, they weave together like so many threads to create my story. A story never told, and never heard because it was not meant to be. Till further notice, I am a part of the masses. A number someplace, somewhere; faceless, ageless.
Like the facelessness of the ages, even the names, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, JFK, FDR, become just that, names. The people behind them and their stories begin to fade away even as their influence saturates our lives. Distortion of the past becomes much easier. Holocaust, where? What holocaust? What is a holocaust? Is it genocide? Is genocide real?
"Ignorance breeds hate," I've heard it said, then "Ignorance breeds ignorace," I'll say. I've also heard it said that ignorance is bliss. May it be a bitter and dull bliss.

I'm only seventeen and I have so many memories, I feel so old. I actualy reminice. Fragmented memories

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