Sunday, October 7, 2007

Took my SAT yesterday

Yes I did the deed, did it for three hours and 10 sec.
Felt like one-hundred years...
Bombed the math section beyond recognition, and aced the rest. I expect my score to be a modest 1300 and below. {According to the college board that translates into "dumbass" or "D" for short, on your report card.}
Gotta aim high, expect low, then be you won't be surprised if it comes true, and you won't be crushed either. I suppose...
School daze have got me crazed
I'm singing the praised of Fall Break! How did they know? One more week and I would have snapped....impecable timing from the folks at school. Of course, "snapping" can mean different things to different people.
To some it means taking an AKA-47 to school and the rest is virginia tech, while to me it means, "F-this I'm going home; taking a 5 hour nap."
Why I did F-This and go home is beyond me, since I've waited nearly all week to present a 30 min. presentation for my psychology class.
Hint: Never, present at the end of class unless you are unprepared, in that case,
Hint: ALWAYS present at the end of class IF you are unprepared
because chances are you won't have enough time to beat the bell, which will ring, an everyone will leave class, and AWW SHUCKS! you'll just have to present tomorrow.
BAD for those who stayed up till 1 am finishing it thinking it was due the next day,
GOOD for those who stayed up till 1 am finishing their 9th tequila jello shooter at rocky point.

Actually I do have a clue as to why I didn't just "F-THIS" and go home, I had my 9Th absence under my belt, and had I squeezed just one more in there, I would be having a pleasant meeting with all my teachers, counselors, the principal and my dearest parents as to why in the world I can't just haul my ass out of bed at 6:00 in the morning and walk 520 feet to school. Yes, I live exactly 528 feet away from my school. I googled it. }:]
Maybe, I would reply it's because I'm a senior, life is mediocre, I've already be accepted into a mediocre college, I'm looking forward to my mediocre life, in my mediocre house, or apartment, with my mediocre dog, and mediocre car, and mediocre everything. They should really just have a 1st, 2Nd, and mediocre place at state fairs, sporting events and other competitive arenas where these silly medals are given out like candy.
"Life is just fine and daddy like apple candy,"
I'll say, and they'll find a psychologist to put me on Prozac and make me think happy thoughts.

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