Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cold Wretched Night

I have not felt a night so cold and wretched like tonight, since I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah a little over a year ago. For some reason during nights like tonight, the stars jump out of the black sky, and sparkle amazingly bright. There is something about chilly nights, that has this curious and wonderful effect on stars. The algidity of the night, must awaken some primitive emotion in them in order to cause them to gleam so beautifuly.
Paradoxically, Utah is experiencing heavy snow fall and it's tree's are at their Autumn peak, Utah is always so breathtakingly beautiful at it's Autumn peak. The tree's and forest come alive with color, though ironically, the tree's leaves are dying, and doing so in turn to give birth to new ones next spring.
Arizona is a dry, arid, and stagnant rock, with no real stations, besides hot and cold, miserable and more miserable. Cockroaches scurry to and fro outside in the gutters, year round. The cacti reach for the sky stiffly, with blank expressions as if understanding the bleakness of their dessert surroundings.
True Utah is a dessert, a very cold one at that. Though it's beautiful valley can be described as an oasis amid a vast, dangerous, beautiful and a most mysterious nothingness that would spell out death for an witting human. Yet there is something so natural and primitive about this dessert, that it's beauty is understood like body language, without explanation. This cannot be betrayed or altered, because it remains in a perpetual state of being: birth, evolution, death. It's meaning embedded in our bones.
What is even more amazing, is that we are all part of it.

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