Wednesday, April 22, 2009

whoa-I'm back!

I've been gone awhile.
but yes i went away to cali the land of sand, surf and sun or should i say silicone book jobs, plastic noses and hair extensions. people are so real and down to earth over there.
Actually I staying in an area but was very much unlike the california you see on tv. I stayed in overcrowded little Santa Ana. Very hispanic, very urban but still- and i know some people will scoff- a nice place to live.
I liked my experience down there, with my fiance.
It feels almost surreal when i think back on it and i don't know what gave me the balls to do what i did- just up and leave to a different state with a boy I didn't really know very well but i did.
I'm glad I did. Despite the student loans i now need to take out in order to pay for tution, it was still an interesting experience.
Its definetly a whole different vibe down there. a lot of cholo's with their heads shaved and their pencils mustaches. A lot of beautiful just breathtaking classic cars, and women (I'm not gay but I am honest dam it!) a lot of fun in the sun at the beach and on all those sunny days when you can just take your guy out for a walk around the park; and it just feels like the whole world slows down, enough to make the innocent little afternoon walk feel like a little corner of heaven. A time to just chill, talk, laugh and then return to the grind.
Speaking of which I learned what it means to bust my ass working! at one point i had to get up at 3 am in order to arrive to work on time at 5am. Another time I commuted almost an hour and 30 minutes on bus in order to get to a job. I learned what it was like not to have a dime on you, what it was like to walk one mile in one direction and one mile in the other direction because you had no choice (or were lost, in my case both on two seperate occasions) but to be honest if i had to do it again i would.
I dont' regret anything I did and i'm happy I got to learn (even if it was the hard way) how to survive.
I'm back in town, working as is my nature, and poised to enroll back in school. And so the beat goes on.
I'm back.

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